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Saturday, March 6, 2010
1:09 AM


Haha! im serious! n u noe where??
At Parkway Parade!!
Ya i noe... like wth rite?
of all places...
Unfortunately he was with a woman... haha n he was in HOT pink... haha!

Ok here's wad happened...
Roz n i were at parkway n while waiting for the bus, we went to the 7-eleven store...
"Its a store and MORE!" haha ok i noe, random...
Ya so... as i was queueing to pay up i turned my head towards the entrance of the store, and i saw this pretty looking woman (ok im not les, i noticed her cos she was pretty, like out of the ordinary pretty) and she was dressed in like sporty attire?
Ya then while still looking in her direction, as soon as she moved, behind her was UTT!!!
And, im seriously not lying... but our eyes TOTALLY met! OMG OMG OMG!
But of cos, to not look like i recognized him, i turned back to the cashier n made my payment... Roz was like at the magazine section n i was waiting for her to turn her head so i can signal to her tt UTT was right behind!

It was only when we exited the shop did i manage to tell Roz tt UTT was the one in pink in 7-eleven... and she of cos oso taked a look at him secretly... haha!

OK... He's good looking... a little shorter than i imagined, and his walking is hmm not wad i expected... haha! BUT he's still good looking! haha

I was telling Roz that in Spore, i noticed that even when we see ppl like UTT or other stars... even though we realli wan to go up to them n take a pic or ask for an autograph, we dun do it...

Why? cos i tink we as sporeans like to play it cool and act like we dunno or have no interest in them... thinking "So what? spore star only wad..."
And oso cos i tink we dun like the feeling of making others feel good or recognized abt being a star...
I cant say this abt those pro fans of certain stars like fann wong or whoever la... but i tink majority of us are like me... LOL!

I seriously cant imagine hw i'll react if i actualli do see any of those stars i idolise... ESPECIALLY DBSK!!! haha...
OMG! i hope i'm gg to see Xiah soon!!! HOPE PRAY HOPE!!! haha
I'm waiting for u Xiah... haha!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
1:29 AM

My Aunt, Cik Ita, had a heart attact.

It was a few weeks ago wen it first happened.

She was hospitalized but then released after check-ups determined that her only option was to do a by-pass surgery for 5 of the blocked/narrow passages that led to her heart.

The operation was set to be on the 14th of Apr.
However i only knew that the date had been brought forward a day before the actual operation which was this morning.

Operations all involve risks and of cos not needing a operation is the ideal situation but unfortunately, my aunt has no choice.
Truthfully i was relieved that the operation was brought forward.

This morning, i went down to the hospital in the hopes of taking a look at my aunt before the operation, however i only got to catch a glimpse of her from afar.
The operation theatre's door stood between me n my aunt and at tt moment i just felt realli sad n the urge to cry was so strong.

The operation was set to last abt 5 hrs so my dad sent my grandma n my aunt home first and we went on to do our own stuff.

While at home, at abt 2pm, i received a call informing me tt the operation was cancelled due to complications.
At that moment, all hopes of having this dreadful event move on, were dashed.

It was only after my dad ended work at 9pm, tt he came hm to fetch my bro n i down to the hospital to visit my aunt in the ICU ward.

Before gg up to the ward, my grandma and other relatives were explaining to us what actually happened.
Apparently, when my aunt was in the operation theatre, apart from the nerves that were getting the best of her, she couldnt breathe properly when she lay down flat.

Doctors had to stop the operation from proceeding as they realized tt she was having another heart attack right there and then in the operation theatre before the operation could even take place.

The doctors said that this heart attack was even more serious than the 1st and fortunately she was in full attention of the docs or else something tt i do not even wan to think of might have happened. If she wasnt in the hospital, and was at home, and this happened... i realli dunno wad to think...

My uncle said that rite nw... the docs are waiting for my aunts condition to stabilise n then they would have to have the operation as soon as possible.
My steps towards my aunts ward was so heavy and it was the first time i was actually entering the ICU.
There i saw her... lying there with all these machines and gadgets that i dun even noe what purpose they serve around her.
And wen i walked over to kiss her hand, i slowly noticed that there were so many things inserted into her arm and even her neck...
She looked so weak and tired and wen i asked her if she was tired, she replied that the tube connected to her neck was making her chest hurt.

It hurt me to see her in that state...
It hurt even more that i couldnt do anything for her.
Everytime i visit her at the hospital, i feel so useless.
Like standing there... all these tots running thru my mind
"Should i comfort her?"
"Should i talk to her as per normal"
Should i, should i, should i...
But i never got to saying anything...
Instead tonight, i just stood there staring at her... looking at how this lady who treated me like a princess and took care of me so well wen i was younger, looked so small and weak...

It seemed that the roles had been reversed and i should be taking care of her now...
But wad can i actually do for her?

Please get well soon Cik Ita...
Let's get thru this together...

Why is this happening? Why?

Thursday, February 11, 2010
1:24 AM

I'm back with footage of Xiah performing on stage...
BUT! He has a kiss scene!!
I wanna watch the whole musical live sooo badly...

Here's a little synopsis of the musical for this part.
FYI: Wolfgang is the guy in dreadlocks a.k.a Xiah & Constanze is the gal he kisses!!!

Wolfgang has moved out of the Weber's apartment. Nonetheless, his love for Constanze is stronger than ever. She visits him one evening. Constanze has left the family house and turns now to the only person whom she trusts. When Wolfgang takes her into his arms, Cäcilia Weber and her new partner Johann Thorwart stand in the door. They accuse Mozart of seducing her daughter and they force him to sign a contract which requires Wolfgang to either marry their daughter or to pay her lifelong expenses. Constanze is outraged at her mother's plot. She secretly absconds with the contract and tears it apart in front of Wolfgang.



Haha ok... another new song tt's gt my attention recently...
It's Girls Generation with Chocolate Love.
It's actually the promotional song for the LG phone "Chocolate"
Its quite catchy n nice!
Love the dance!


Get well soon Cik Ita!
Please let the wind blow the storm away soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010
1:51 AM

Wonder Woman~
This song is dedicated to all my lovely girlfriends...
You know who you are~ =D

English Translation of Wonder Woman

Women, don't be discouraged
Shout it out proudly
Men, get out of the way
Women's loyalty is cooler
It's stronger than love
It doesn't matter if you've been dumped by love
Half of the world is men
Those stupid tears and break-ups,
You'll be fine no matter how much you face them

Carrying my edgy handbag
Wearing the pretty clothes that's my favourite
Get together at our usual bar and enjoy a glass of martini
Love is worse than the big hits on the charts
It changes faster
Even if we fail at love,
It's okay if we have each other

Women, don't be discouraged
Shout it out proudly
Men, get out of the way
Women's loyalty is cooler
It's stronger than love
It doesn't matter if you've been dumped by love
Half of the world is men
Those stupid tears and break-ups,
You'll be fine no matter how much you face them

Going to the movies Going to the zoo
Going to the beach Going to the party
Stylish women's party, sexy women's story
I'll live a stylish life, I'm gonna enjoy it freely Uh

Get rid of all the memories of love
Erase the memories from my heart
You'll enjoy a busy lifestyle, as time takes you
So maybe when time passes and we look back,
We might be able to laugh and talk freely about it

Women, don't be discouraged
Shout it out proudly
Men, get out of the way
Women's loyalty is cooler
It's stronger than love
It doesn't matter if you've been dumped by love
Half of the world is men
Those stupid tears and break-ups,
You'll be fine no matter how much you face them

It's a stupid thing to do
It's a useless thing to do
Seperation isn't a big deal
Now, save up your tears
There're more days to smile
Enjoy it like you're crazy
Don't punish yourself in front of the world
What you're thinking, what you're feeling,
Live for yourself, for yourself

Pretty sweet hot girl Pretty sweet hot girl
Now wash up those cold tears
Put on make-up for you
Enjoy your life Pretty girl Pretty girl


Basically it means that we girls don't need the company of men when we have each other~~
So no matter what happens with guys u meet in the future, we girls will always be there for each other...
Haha! Love u gals!

**Just felt that this song really speaks out to all the females in the world.
Especially love the part
"....Woman's loyalty is cooler, it's stronger than love"

Friday, February 5, 2010
12:22 AM

Hmm is it a crisis?
I dunno what to make of this situation.
I always tot kajok is kajok...
N nothing should be able to come between these relations.
However, recently it seems not so true.

I feel like im caught in the middle.
Caught between my perception of the word "kajok"
& the harsh reality.

Having the situation come to this,
i dunno which side to stand...

Can things please go back to how they were?
Sometimes, i realli feel childish....
Childish enough to wish that things like turning back time is realli possible.
Ah... how i wish it was...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
2:17 AM

Hmm just got back from meeting with the rest just now...
N i also received news from my Dad that according to the SIA policy.... i can only get the free tix before i turn 21!!!
N i already bought the plane ticket there...
Cherie n i realli have no affinity to go on a trip together sia... haha

Well so anyway according to plans, my trips would be like realli close together...
it'll be like go japan, come back from japan n maybe like 2 or 3 days later then go on family trip! omg shiok sia! haha!

Oh wells... the duration in between the 2 trips will depend on wen i'll be back from Japan n oso on when my dad wants to go on our trip...
Hmm dad plans to go ahead to NY despite all the crap tt's happening nw... hmm im still a little skeptical on gg to US but no choice... hai... hopefully its ok...

Yea tt's abt enuf update for nw...

Check out this new song on the Korean music scene, dun worry its NOT dbsk... haha
Its girls generation with "oh!"
There is a part in the song that sounds super familiar... can someone pls tell me if u find out wad song it sounds like? haha thanks...
have a listen... its realli catchy... n the girls are back even cuter than ever...

As u can see im writing more *happily* now...
so i guess that makes ppl n myself seem like im feeling better...

But i dunno y... im still feeling that dreadful feeling in my chest!
The feeling that doesnt seem to go especially wen...............

Ajikdo appeuda
Cheongmal tap-tap-peh
Jigeum nan ameudo haisuopseo...
I have no choice but to...

Sunday, January 31, 2010
11:44 PM

OK~ A little update bout myself...


I'm SO happy but yet so scared at the same time...
I dread the moment when i cant get a job and stay unemployed for like so long...
I really hope i can find one easily...
BUT regarding that i only plan to like OFFICIALLY start work like ard the end of May cos u noe... wanna relax n all... plus all the trips ahead... n my 21st which i hope to have... so about the end of may would be a good time to start.

Therefore until then, i hope to go for interviews to secure a job which i can start in may... *HOPE*~!

Yeah n apart from that... since i'll be wrapping up school in like 2 weeks... ending right before chinese new year... i wanna look for a part time job just to kill time n also earn some extra cash for the trips im going...

Trip no.1 : Japan study trip (end march)
Yea the LAST trip with TP~ It's kinda confirmed already la... like im going... but we have a special plan, that better not be mentioned here, so that ppl who should not noe wun noe... but to go through wit tt plan, i NEED MONEY!

Trip no. 2 : Family trip (somewhere in apr)
As most of u noe... the reason i get to go on trips every year with my family is cos my dad works at SIA so we get free tix for the family once a year.
However, one condition is that me, the child of my dad stops getting free tix wen i turn 21 so we have to use this free tix b4 i turn 21 in may... well that's wad we tink la... but HOPEFULLY we can use it as long as its within the year i turn 21 so we dun have to rush gg on the trip b4 may... which brings me to the NEXT trip...

Trip no. 3: Penang, Malaysia (7th apr)
In the event that we can actualli postpone my family trip to After my BD... then i'm planning to go with the usual kaki's to Malaysia...

Trip no. 4 : Bangkok, Thailand (towards the end of year)
Ok... we have been meaning to go there since Phit is there n all.. but with all the trips b4 this... we keep pushing it back... hmm plan is to go in sept la... but might be nearer to the end of the year instead oso... this is not confirmed yet but plans are underway.
By this time, i would have already started working OFFICIALLY so money i dun tink will be an issue UNLESS im still unemployed~~ AHHH NO NO! CHOI! haha *touch wood*

OK... i tink i have many more things to sae but i cant think nw cos my brain is falling asleep. i'll post when i rem haha...
Still have some irritating sch assignments to rush n complete so have to chiong for the final 2 weeks n then SAYONARA!~!~


Hmm... im still speechless~
Really? isit realli wad i tink it is?
If so... i feel sorry for you

Pursanghe... duri neomu pursanghe
Nan dheo pursanghe...

Nan ajikdo wereopda~
Namjachingu man-na-go ship-da!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010
10:49 PM


Here is another fancam that shows my love in the musical...
I love it when he hit tt high note...

Ah! He has a kiss in the musical u noe... with his "wife".
haha! i wanna watch sia~~
Fly me to Korea NOW!

OMG! This just in!
Actual footage of part of his performance!
OMG! im so proud of him... his acting GREAT! Singing, GREAT!
hopefully the user doesnt take it down..
i've always liked musicals, wad more of my idol is in it!
superb man!